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PICS: Guineans Demonstrate at White House and State Dept. Demanding Fair Elections and Removal of Gov’t. Officials

October 19, 2010

Perhaps as many as 2,000 Guineans from all over the US demonstrated in front of the White House and State Department yesterday concerning  their government’s repeated delays in holding the second round  of its presidental election and called for the removal of President Sekouba Konate, Prime Minister Jean-Marie Dore, and electoral commission head, Lounceny Camara.

The protest was called byGuineans in the US who support the Cellou Dalein Diallo for president alliance.  On June 27, Diallo won the first round of the election with 44% of the vote and his opponent, Alpha Conde, garnered 18%.  The second round of the election has been repeatedly delayed by the transition government for the last three months.

The government’s delays are viewed as part of an elaborate ruse to  favor Conde and to ensure that Diallo does not succeed in becoming Guinea’s next president.  Much of the delay centers on the transition government’s refusal to remove Lounceny Camara as head of  Guinea’s electoral commission even though he is accused of flagrant vote rigging in the first round which may have cost Diallo a win in the first round.  In spite of charges of voting fraud, the transition government refuses to address the issue, leaving the Diallo camp no choice but to threaten a national strike.

In addition to campaign-related issues, many Guineans protested the actions of Guinean security forces which carried out a massacre of at least 200 opposition supporters on September 28, 2009 and the brutal rapes of over 100 women.  The perpetrators of this massacre and rapes have never been brought to justice and some hold key positions in the transitional government. 

As the protest left the White House to head for the State Department, protesters called for the involvement of  Hillary Clinton to get the Guinean elections back on track.

More pictures below and if you wish to see the full set of pics, please click here

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