When it Comes to Guinea, Reuters’ Samb Takes Dictation and Passes it Off as Reporting

Saliou Samb has written yet another article (see below) that twists facts and omits the most important ones. He’s not reporting a story, he is creating propaganda.  The obvious purpose of the Samb’s article is to make Cellou Dalein Diallo look like a spoiler in a long-awaited October 24 election. 

Samb tells us that Diallo and Conde entered into a power-sharing pledge, which is not true.  Yesterday, Konate introduced the topic, but neither candidate took the bait. Diallo stated that he has always wanted an inclusive administration.  Yet, this does not mean that Diallo agreed to include Alpha Conde in his cabinet, nor share power with him.  There was NO kumbayah moment on this issue.

Samb’s fairy tale paints Diallo as a villain for threatening to boycott the election over the CENI issue after having agreed to an imaginary power-sharing deal.  All of Guinea knows that Konate’s continued refusal to deal with the CENI issue would be a deal breaker for Diallo and that a boycott has always been within the realm possibility.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing of all is that Samb continues to refuse to tell his readers a lick about why Louceny Camara’s removal is being sought by the Diallo campaign, 14 of the 22 members of the CENI, and many others.   Louceny Camara, as a regular member of the CENI in the first round of the election, is accused of confiscating vote tallies from 109 Conakry polling stations located in a district where Diallo has heavy support.  Documented allegations concerning electoral fraud  were filed in court by the Diallo campaign against Camara and included a demand that he be removed as head of the CENI.

 Samb and other reporters would like you to believe that Diallo wants Camara’s removal because he is biased in favor of Alpha Conde.  Actually, the problem is that Camara is biased against Diallo. Camara, by stealing the votes in a stronghold of Diallo’s, was trying to prevent Diallo from winning the presidency in the first round.  Now that is bias.  But, when he stole the votes, Camara did something even more egregious.  He robbed the people of Conakry of the right to choose their leader and to do so with the guarantee that their votes would count.  After all, isn’t this what a democratic election is all about?

Shame on you Mr. Camera and you as well, Mr. Samb.


Guinea presidential hopeful steps up boycott threat

*Threat renewed despite power-sharing pledge

* Dispute over head of election committee

By Saliou Samb

CONAKRY, Oct 12 (Reuters) – Guinea presidential hopeful Cellou Dallein Diallo is still opposed to taking part in a run-off election on Oct. 24 despite having agreed to share power with his opponent whoever wins, his spokesman said on Tuesday.

The threat from Guinea’s former prime minister could derail a transfer of power back to civilians in the world’s top bauxite supplier, which has been run by a military junta since a December 2008 coup.

Diallo, who took 44 percent of the first-round vote in June, and his rival Alpha Conde, who took just over 18 percent, agreed on Monday to share power regardless of who wins, by including the loser in government.

In the past Diallo had said he would not participate in the election unless the head of the electoral commission, known as the CENI, is removed. Spokesman Mamadou Bah Baddiko said the boycott threat still stands despite the power sharing agreement.

“We do not want Louceny Camara at the head of the CENI. If he is maintained in this post, there will be no election in this country,” Baddiko told Reuters.

“We are ready to accept any other person, either Guinean or foreign, provided they are committed to organising a free, transparent and credible election,” he said.

The power-sharing agreement was aimed at maintaining peace in the tumultuous country, where street violence between the rival camps killed one person and injured 50 in September.

Diallo and Conde are from Guinea’s most populous ethnic groups, the Peul and Malinke respectively, and analysts have said ethnic violence could destabilize a region recovering from three civil wars.

Louceny Camara, the CENI head, is from neither ethnicity.

(Writing by Richard Valdmanis; Editing by Peter Graff)


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