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GUINEA Update October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

Additional updates will be added to this post as warranted.

1. Regarding the crisis concerning Guinea’s electoral commission (CENI) headed by Lounceny Camara, widely denounced for committing  fraud in the the first round of the election, eleven members of the CENI have signed a petition to demand the nomination of a “credible person” as president in order “to save the independence of the CENI.”  The alliance of presidential candidate, Cellou Dalein Diallo, has accused Camara of having confiscated tallies from 109 polling stations in the first round in Ratoma, Conakry.  If these tallies had not “disappeared,” it is qute possible that Diallo would have won the presidency in the first round.

Additional info:

2.  It appears that the petition to nominate a new head of the CENI has been signed by at least 12 and maybe 13 of its members.  If you wish to read the petition and view the signatures, you can do so by going to Africaguinee site.

3.  Sekouba Konate summoned the two presidential candidates, Cellou Diallo and Alpha Conde, to the presidential palace today to meet with the US ambassador and the representative of the EU.  Discussion included the need to stay with the October 24 election date and the importance of proceeding in a peaceful manner.

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