GUINEA Update – October 9, 2010

Given the lack of credible information available  in the English media concerning the very serious issues in Guinea, we are providing you with an update based on information we have found from the French media, Guinean blogs, and our sources on the ground.  If we have more information before the night is over, we will update this page.  We will send out updates as warranted.

1.  The US and France, in statements made yesterday, insist that Guinea must proceed to the October 24 election without delay.

2.  Junta leader Sekouba Konate has chosen a watchdog to monitor over CENI’s preparations for the election.  The monitor is from BURKINA FASO and his name is GENERAL Ali Traore.  Lounceny Camara remains the president of the CENI and is due back in court  on October 21 to face fraud charges just three days before the election.

3.  Konate met with Western diplomats yesterday, including the Ambassador from the US.  The diplomats all urged that the election proceed on October 24 and warned against violence.  As has been customary, Konate got an undeserved pat on the back concerning his role in the “transition to democracy.”   In acuality, Konate has been the biggest obstacle to a free, fair, and prompt election in Guinea.  Of special note:  Tibou Camara, Konate’s new right-hand man, accompanied Konate to the diplomatic meeting as well.  Recently, Konate threatened to appoint a civilian president if there were any more problems in proceeding with the election — it is rumored that Tibou Camara might be that person.

4.  Konate met with the US Ambassador and the embassy’s military attache yesterday to observe the graduation of presidential guards who have been trained in a program suggested by Washington to develop an elite corps responsible for the protection of future presidents of Guinea.  


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