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Police in Guinea Go On Strike for Better Pay, Rice Ration

October 4, 2010

Police in Guinea go on strike for better pay, rice ration

By The Associated Press (CP) – 2 hours ago

CONAKRY, Guinea — Police padlocked their offices and went on strike in Guinea to demand better pay, a rice ration and nicer uniforms.

Conakry’s congested traffic circleswere being manned Monday by the gendarmerie, a separate force that receives some military training. Striking police officers say the country’s other security forces have unfairly received salary increases and a monthly rice ration.

Lt. Maka Daff says he is on strike because the government has increased the salaries of both the army and the gendarmerie but has not given any bonuses to the police.

The strike comes against a backdrop of pre-election violence in Conakry which left one dead and 54 wounded last month after the date for the election was delayed multiple times. No date has been set for the run-off.

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