Guinea’s Konate Tells RFI Power is Not His Thing, Then Tips His Hat to Newly-Promoted Tibou Camara

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“I don’t care about power” says Guinea’s Konaté

Created 2010-09-30 16:51
Guinea – exclusive interview

Guinea’s interim leader Sékouba Konaté has told RFI that he wants to quit politics as the date for a run-off in the country’s presidential election has yet to be set.

“I don’t give a damn about power. All I want is to do is slam the door, but the people close to me are stopping me,” says Konaté.

On 3 September, Guinean parties involved in the electoral process signed an agreement guaranteeing peaceful elections in the presence of Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaoré.

“At Ouagadougou, they twisted my arm, I never should have accepted to stay,” Kontaé insists.

Konaté says he will accept no further delays and threatens to step down if a run-off vote does not take place quickly. The first round of what was touted as Guinea’s first democratic election took place in June.

The election process was again thrown off course [1] this week. Political parties acknowledged that a new 10 October target date for an election to restore civilian rule was unlikely to be met due to a dispute over who heads the election authority [2].

Konaté says that it is a struggle to work with current Guinean political leaders.

“Several times, I told them to meet but they won’t listen, meanwhile ethnic tensions are growing.”

“I still don’t understand politics,” he says, adding that he leaves such matters to his top aide Tibou Kamara.

Konaté threatens to force rival presidential candidates [3] into action.

“If the two candidates fail to reach an agreement, I will gather soldiers from the garrisons and impose a civilian at the head of the country,” he says, although RFI’s journalist says that it is difficult to tell whether the threat is serious.


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