Amid Controversy Over His Election, Including Allegations of Buying Votes of Fellow Electoral Comm. Members, Camara Becomes “New” Chair of CENI

While little has been written in the English news media, Camara’s “election” to head the CENI did not follow the appropriate legal procedure and there is strong evidence that he bought his “win” by paying other members of the CENI to support him.

If you read French, you might want to see these articles for more background:  

Politique – Election de Lounceny Camara à la tête de la CENI : Une décision qui pourrait empêcher la tenue du second tour.

Le président contesté de la CENI M. Lounsény Camara serait mêlé de la fraude électorale ! «Le dépôt d’une plainte serait prévu pour le lundi 27 septembre 2010»

Of course, if  credible information becomes available in the English press, it will be posted.

New Guinean electoral commission chairman assumes duty

Conakry, Guinea – The new chairman of the Guinean national independent electoral commission (CENI), Lounceny Camara, on Friday assumed duty in the presence of several political leaders, diplomats and a huge crowd, and pledged to be transparent and trustworthy.

Elected by 17 votes out of 23 on Tuesday in a plenary session, he replaces Ben Sekou Sylla, who died recently in Paris after a long illness.

The Union of Democratic Forces in Guinea (UFDG) led by Cellou Dalein Diallo has rejected the new CENI chairman, saying he is an active member of the Rally for Guinean people (RPG) led by Alpha Conde. Diallo and Conde are contesting the presidential run-off planned for 10 October.

Several sources say that UFDG is threatening to withdraw from the electoral process.

Mr Camara vowed that CENI will be trustworthy of the confidence expressed by the Guinean people.

He said the spirit of harmony would be strengthened within CENI, while the relations with the political parties would become closer.

‘CENI will be worthy of its motto: ‘Independence, transparency and fairness”, Mr Camara said.

Conakry – Pana 25/09/2010


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