Is Guinea’s PM Dore Criminalizing Peaceful Dissent?

Guinea PM laments upsurge in crime
News – Africa news

Conakry, Guinea – Guinean Prime Minister, Jean Marie Dore, has condemned the upsurge in crime in Conakry, the Guinean capital, and asked his Minister of State for Security, General Toto Mamadouba Camara, to ‘take immediate steps to combat the evil’.

The Prime Minister, who met Saturday with General Camara, the Chief of Staff of the Gendarmerie, General Ibrahim Balde, and some other security chiefs, ordered them to halt the protests planned for Monday by the Union of Democratic Forces of

Guinea (UFDG), headed by Cellou Dalein Diallo, one of the two candidates in the presidential run-off.

The party supporters plan to demonstrate against the arrest and detention of their members during their recent clashes with those of the Rally of the People of Guinea (RPG), led by Alpha Conde.

Dore said ‘it is unacceptable that outlaws will continue to unleash insecurity in the country and that no one is out to stop them.’

He promised to provide the security forces with all the necessary means to put criminals out of the way but warned that he would not hesitate to deal with the military should they fail to ensure peace in the capital.

‘I order you to arrest citizens who take pleasure in setting our institutions ablaze. Guineans must go to the polling stations in calm and peace to vote the next president of the republic,’ he said.

A large amount of electoral materials for the second round of presidential elections, originally scheduled for this Sunday then postponed because of ‘technical problems’, was burnt on Thursday in a warehouse located in the Military camp Samory Toure.

Another fire incident on Friday damaged the premises of the Special Force in charge of securing the electoral process (FOSSEPEL), created by the government in view of the forthcoming presidential elections.

Both fire incidents occurred several hours after the date for the the run-off was postponed.

Speaking on behalf of the security forces, General Camara said he would restore order in the capital within one week.

Conakry – Pana 20/09/2010


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