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Local Liberian Official Wants UN, ECOWAS to Send Troops to Monitor Guinea’s Runoff Election

September 16, 2010

Nimba Lawmaker Wants UN, ECOWAS Send Troops To Monitor Guinea’s Runoff Election

Nimba County District Four Representative  Nohn Rebecca Kidau is calling on the United Nations and the ECOWAS to send a temporary peacekeeping unit to neighboring Guinea,   to monitor the conduct of the upcoming  presidential runoff election, and ensure the security of ordinary Guineans and their neighbors. Madam Kidau’s call comes in the wake of  recent unrest in that country ahead of the much-anticipated election runoff. In a release, the lawmaker reminded those authorities that Liberia and Sierra Leone have had a recent history of violent civil wars and cannot afford to see trouble brewing in a sisterly republic.

Madam Kidau said any  unease in Guinea is likely to spill over to its neighbors that are  striving to address problems brought about by years of civil war. She appealed to the United Nations Mission in Liberia and the ECOWAS Ambassador in Liberia to communicate her suggestion to its headquarters in New York and Abuja , respectively, to make a  quick and temporary intervention in Guinea as a preventive measure.

Troops sent, she said, should remain until the new government is sworn in and absolute calm is restored across the country before departing. “The cost of using this preventive measure may be high,” she said, “but the cost of intervention after chaos is even higher.”

Madam Kidau asked her colleagues who represent counties on the border with Guinea to join her in the campaign, saying should refugees start to come in, the weight will be on Liberia generally but particularly on regions along the border. Worse yet, she said, the spill-over effects could be overwhelming. Representative Kidau’s electoral district of Bain-Garr, which included the commercial district of Ganta, is situated on the border with Guinea .

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