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Guinea: Gen. Nouhou Thiam, Guinean Army Defense Chief, Arrested?

September 14, 2010



Guinea: Chief of Defence Staff of Guinean army arrested

News – Africa news
Conakry, Guinea – The Chief of Defence Staff of the Guinean army, General Nouhoum Thiam, and a number of officers have been arrested, sources in the capital said on Monday. The reasons and dates for the arrests have not been disclosed but the capital, Conakry, has been awash with rumours of a coup.

There has been heavy security over the past few days at public buildings and the headquarters of the National Radio and Television Corporation, while the acting interim president General Sekouba Konate was on a trip to Libya and Morocco.

According to some sources, General Konate is about to pay a visit to Lebanon, but Prime Minister Jean-Marie Dore has threatened to resign if that trips takes place.

The arrest of General Thiam comes less than one week before the second round of the presidential election on Sunday.

Conakry – Pana 14/09/2010

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  1. Wurie Jalloh permalink
    July 19, 2011 4:06 PM

    What about the latest news of coup in Guinea in July 2011? Nuhu Thiam arrested again?
    Then the killing of Fulani cattle?
    Alpha Conde has to watch it…because he is not an illiterate and understands how things were truly in Guinea in the past.
    This tribal thing?
    No good. Not for him and not for his mainly Mandingo supporters and the rest of bewildered Guineans.
    Long live Guinea!

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