US Ambassador to Guinea Brings Konate a US Visa and an Invitation to Visit from Obama

U.S. Delivers Visa to Guinea’s Ex-junta No. 2

    2010-08-27 15:11:58     Xinhua      Web Editor: Zheng Zhi

The United States has delivered visa to Guinea’s interim president Sekouba Konate, the ex-junta No. 2, in a sign of improved relations with the West African country where a presidential run-off is expected next month to end the crisis.

Mohamed Kasse, the director of the Guinean presidential press office, said the issue of visa was settled at a meeting on Wednesday between Konate and U. S. Ambassador to Guinea Patricia Moller.

Kasse said the entry visa was accompanied by an invitation from U.S. President Barak Obama.

Washington and the European Union put the Guinean military junta on a list of “persona non grata” following the coup on Dec. 23 2008. The sanctions were intensified after the junta ordered a crackdown on protesters in September 2009, in which 150 people were reportedly killed.

The junta, which came to power in a coup on Dec. 23 2008, signed an agreement in January with parties concerned in the crisis to begin a transition leading to polls to end the turmoil. The country opened the presidential elections on June 27, when no candidate claimed an outright majority. The second round is set for Sept. 19.


One thought on “US Ambassador to Guinea Brings Konate a US Visa and an Invitation to Visit from Obama

  1. Ibrahima

    The best the International Community can do for us, it is to send many more observers in Guinea for September the 19th and have troops on standby ready to intervene if necessary. The loser has powerful friends with expertise in rebellions (know-how). Do not underestimate their potential power of nuisance!

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