Guinean Civil Society Rejects PM Dore’s Constitutional Reform Project for Second Round Election

Guinean civil society rejects PM’s constitutional reform project

APA – Conakry (Guinea) The Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights and the Citizens in Guinea (OGDH) has condemned the attempts by Prime Minister, Jean Marie Dore to change the country’s new Constitution, to allow the public administration to organise the second round of the presidential election.

In a projected decree, still being drafted but reported by the media, Prime Minster Dore proposes that the organisation and supervision of the 19 September 2010 run-off be carried out “jointly” with the Ministry of Territorial Administration, so as to involve the governors, prefects, and sub-prefects of the country’s provinces in the control of the vote, instead of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI).

In a statement signed by its chairman, Dr. Thierno Maadjou Sow and copied to APA, the OGDH indicates that “the ministers, governors, prefects, sub-prefects, and other local officials have always been servile and obedient during elections.”

“As a result, the elections have not been fair, transparent, free or democratic, therefore never credible”, the statement insisted, adding that any attempts to modify as usual, these two fundamental texts is a serious violation of constitutional standards.

“In fact, according to Article 152 of the Constitution, only the President of the Republic and the MPs are entitled to take initiative for the revision of the Constitution, under specific circumstances. Even the President of the Transition can, “in no way and in whatever form change the Constitution or the election law”, the statement added.

The OGDH urges the interim President, General Sekouba Konate “not to be distracted by those whose secret dream is to plunge Guinea back into chaos.”

The OGDH invited all political party leaders, and political stakeholders to “stand up to stop all the subtle manoeuvres currently being orchestrated by the leaders of the transitional government, in an attempt to negate the hard-earned achievements in the country.”


2 thoughts on “Guinean Civil Society Rejects PM Dore’s Constitutional Reform Project for Second Round Election

  1. Ollaid

    Mr J.M.Doré is the kind of Guinean “elite” trained and coached by the PDG. Dignity and honesty are alien to them! Check out -link below- what he was saying not long ago (sorry, it is of course in French): He was explaining why the Government should not be invloved in the electoral process beyond just a logistical assistance.

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