Guinea Will Announce Run-Off Election Date on Monday, August 9

Guinea to announce run-off date on Monday: official

(AFP) – 4 hours ago

CONAKRY — Guinea will reveal on Monday the date of a presidential run-off vote, a month and a half after the country held its first democratic election since independence, officials said.

Interim leader General Sekouba Konate will announce the date, ending a tense deadlock in the west African nation over the timing of the second round, which by law should have taken place on Wednesday.

“The date of the second round of the Guinean presidential election will be known on Monday,” chief presidency official Tibou Kamara told AFP on Saturday.

“General Konate will meet with transition authorities, especially CENI (the independent electoral authority) and will announce at that time the date of the second round.”

He said the two candidates contesting the run-off — former prime minister Cellou Dalein Diallo and longtime opposition leader Alpha Conde — would be informed before the date was announced in public.

Diallo won 43.69 percent of votes in the June 27 vote against Conde on 18.25 percent.

Diallo is seen as almost certain to win the second round after winning the support of Sidya Toure, another former premier, who garnered 13.62 percent to take third place in the first round.

Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade arrived in Conakry on Friday in a bid to break the deadlock. Guinea has previously only known dictatorial regimes and coups since independence in 1958.

The country’s poll was praised as peaceful, however there were widespread accusations of ballot-stuffing and voting irregularities.

The election came after a particularly bloody period sparked by a coup that followed the death of longtime President Lansana Conte, another military leader, in 2008.

The junta that took power after the coup was headed by Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, whose failed promises to step aside led to a protest rally at which 157 people were massacred by security forces in September last year.

Camara was wounded in an attack by an aide in December 2009 and was replaced by Konate, who called the elections.


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