Senegal’s President, Abdoulaye Wade, in Guinea to Help Break Vote Deadlock

Senegal leader in Guinea to help break vote deadlock

(AFP) – 7 hours ago

CONAKRY — Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade arrived in Conakry on Friday saying he wants to help break a deadlock over the timing of the next round of Guinea’s first-ever democratic presidential election.

None of the 25 candidates in the first round on June 27 emerged as the clear winner, and by law the run-off should have taken place on Wednesday, or two weeks after official results were formally released.

“I have come as a neighbour to Guinea to advise people, to understand the situation and eventually to make my small contribution to unblocking the situation,” said Wade upon arrival in Conakry.

“I am going to meet everybody,” he added, including the two men whose names would be on the run-off ballot: former prime minister Cellou Dalein Diallo, 58, and longtime opposition leader Alpha Conde, 73.

Diallo is seen as the favourite to win a run-off after he won the backing of third runner-up Sidya Toure.

Two days ago, Burkina Faso’s head of state Blaise Compaore came out in favour of a second round “as quickly as possible” in Guinea, which before the June 27 vote had only known dictatorial regimes and coup d’etats.

But he was told by transitional prime minister Jean-Marie Dore that the credibility of the vote, rather than its timing, was more important.


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