Guinea Supreme Court Empowers Electoral Commission to Impose Moratorium on Presidential Run-Off Until Preparations for Election Are Complete

Guinea imposes moratorium on presidential run-off
16:07, August 06, 2010     

The Supreme Court of Guinea has empowered the electoral commission to impose a moratorium on the presidential run-off to ensure enough preparations are in place to make the second round a success.

“The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) is empowered to impose a moratorium on the organization of the second round of the presidential vote,” the Supreme Court announced in an order signed by its First President Mamadou Sylla on Thursday.

According to the document, “the date of the second round of the election will be fixed by decree of the president of the republic, upon the proposition of the Independent National Electoral Commission.”

The order by the Supreme Court came as a favorable response to the indication by the CENI this week that time is needed to correct defects found in the first round held on June 27.

Guinean Prime Minister Jean-Marie Dore also warned on Wednesday against an anarchic presidential run-off. “It is fundamental to correct all the imperfections and registration deficiencies in the first round before launching a date for the second round,” he said in a statement.

Justifying the moratorium, the Supreme Court cited the needs to rearrange polling offices to make them accessible and near the homes of voters, print and deliver ballots for the second round, and supply complementary materials for voters both at home and abroad.

Under Guinea’s election law, the presidential run-off should be organized two weeks after the publication of the definitive results of the first round by the Supreme Court on July 21.


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