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Alpha Conde to Challenge Some Results from June 27 Election

July 3, 2010

Guinea’s No. 2 party says will challenge some results

Sat Jul 3, 2010 12:12pm GMT

CONAKRY July 3 (Reuters) – The second-placed party in Guinea’s presidential vote, has said it will challenge some poll results after provisional figures put veteran opposition leader Alpha Conde behind former Prime Minister Cellou Dalein Diallo.

The two are due to go head to head in a July 18 run-off for the presidency of the world’s biggest bauxite exporter after the election commission said Diallo won with 39.72 percent, ahead of Conde on 20.67 percent, but short of an overall majority.

“We have already lodged some appeals, and we are preparing others for Monday,” Moustapha Naite, deputy communications director of Conde’s Assembly of Guinean People (RPG), said on Saturday.

The RPG said it would be challenging some, but not all, of the results after complaining that the lack of results from about 150 polling stations in the province of Haute Guinea and fraud in two districts in the capital had favoured its rivals.

Candidates have eight days from the publication of results to contest them in the Supreme Court, which then has three days to make its ruling.

Even if they are overturned, these results are unlikely to substantively affect the result from the first round of voting, which took place in over 8,000 polling stations.

The poll has been billed as the best chance for the West African state, the world’s No. 1 exporter of aluminium ore bauxite, to emerge from over half a century of authoritarian and military rule since winning independence from France in 1958.

(Reporting by Daniel Magnowski and Saliou Samb; writing by David Lewis)

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