CENI Technical Head, Pathe Dieng: Voting Irregularity SMS Reports Cover 50% of Polling Stations “Which is Not Enough for Us to Make Any Valid Projections”

Guinea postpones proclamation poll results

APA – Conakry (Guinea) The National Independent Electoral Commission in Guinea (CENI) has put off to Wednesday, the publication of the results or trends of last Sunday’s presidential elections, which were originally expected on Tuesday evening.

“Despite our willingness and efforts, we are sorry to inform that we cannot, at the moment, publish the trends of the June 27 presidential election,” the head of the technical operations of the CENI, Dr. Pathe Dieng said, promising however that those preliminary results would be proclaimed on Wednesday at 15:00 GMT.

As for the reasons of this postponement, Pathe Dieng said the administrative commissions for the collection of the results had not finalized the summary document of the votes to be handed over to the CENI, as provided for by the electoral laws.

To keep to the 72-hour deadline set by the electoral laws for the publication of the first poll results, the CENI has set a 12-hour additional deadline for all commissions to collect the results and send their minutes to the central administration.

Pathe Dieng also announced that the processing of the SMS was going on and the information received covers 50 per cent of the polling stations : “which is not enough for us to make any valid projections,” he said.

To speed up the proclamation of the provisional results, Dr. Dieng also indicated that the interim president, General Sekouba Konate, has put a helicopter at the disposal of the CENI for the quick delivery of the results from the remote areas of the country. As for the cases of irregularities reported by a few political parties, the CENI said it was quite serene and wanted all stakeholders to do the same.

However, Pathe Dieng insisted on the determination of his institution to preserve the transparency of the process and reassured that the results to be published by the CENI would reflect the will of the voters.

“There will be no manipulations of those results,” he concluded.


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