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Results of Presidential Vote by Guineans in the US

June 28, 2010

Results of presidential vote by Guineans in the US.  Info from 

New York :

UFDG ( Cellou Dalein Diallo) : 2636
RPG ( Pr. Alpha Condé) : 360
UFR (Sidya Touré): 170
UPR (Ousmane Bah): 145
PEDN (Lansana Kouyaté): 118
PLUS (Dr. Ousmane Kaba) : 21
NGR (Abe Sylla): 17
GPT (Kassory Fofana): 7
ADPG  (Boubacar Bah): 10
UFD (Mamadou Bah Baadikko Bah): 5


UFDG (Cellou Dalein Diallo): 381
RPG (Pr. Alpha Condé): 113
UFR (Sidya Touré): 80
NGR (Abe Sylla): 38
FUDEC (François Lonsény Fall): 21
PEDN (Lansana Kouyaté): 14
UPR (Ousmane Bah): 08
PRN (Boubacar Barry): 2


UFDG (Cellou Dalein Diallo): 289
UFR (Sidya Touré): 41
RPG (Pr. Alpha Condé): 27
NGR (Abe Sylla): 7
PEDN (Lansana Kouyaté): 4

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