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Guinea’s Borders Closed Today Between 6 AM and Midnight for Election

June 27, 2010

Guinea’s borders closed today between 6:00 am and midnight for national elections
Sunday, June 27, 2010

By Sthembile Shelembe:

Guinea’s borders are officially closed on Sunday, no planes are allowed to take off and cars are banned from the streets, except for defence and security forces’ and those with special authorisation, authorities said Saturday. Security forces received strict orders from the security ministry to shut down all land, sea and air borders between 6:00 am and midnight, state television reported.

Guineans today will get to vote for the party whom they wish to lead them in the country’s first free election since independence in 1958 and by doing so will put an end to half a century of civilian and military dictatorship. There are 24 candidates fighting for the post of president of Guinea. The candidates include four former prime ministers. The three frontrunners being former prime ministers Cellou Dalein Diallo, Sidya Toure, and a former opposition leader Alpha Conde.

A large turnout from the country’s four million voters was expected after a campaign by 24 civilian presidential candidates marked by passionate electoral debate and festive street demonstrations.

The first provisional results will be available on Wednesday. The announcement of final results is expected within eight days. The date of a possible second round is scheduled for July 18.

The powerful leader of Guinea’s military junta has vowed to ensure the West African nation’s first-ever free election Sunday is fair and transparent.

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