US Designates Son of Former Guinea President as Drug Kingpin


US designates son of former Guinea president as kingpin

(AFP) – 4 hours ago

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama designated Ousmane Conte, son of the late Guinea president Lansana Conte, as a “drug kingpin” subject to US sanctions or freezing of assets, the White House said Tuesday.

The US leader also named Mozambique’s Mohamed Bachir Suleman as a narcotics kingpin, and this was followed immediately by a Treasury announcement that Suleman’s assets subject to US jurisdiction would be frozen.

“Mohamed Bachir Suleman is a large-scale narcotics trafficker in Mozambique, and his network contributes to the growing trend of narcotics trafficking and related money laundering across southern Africa,” said Adam Szubin, head of the Treasury’s office of foreign asset control.

“Today’s designation builds upon the president’s identification of Suleman by exposing three of his businesses and applying further financial sanctions against his narcotics trafficking network.”

Ousmane Conte, who has been jailed by the military junta in his country, had acknowledged in 2009 a role in drug trafficking in Guinea in an interview from prison.

In the broadcast Conte’s son also said that despite his involvement he was not a ringleader and asked for forgiveness from the Guinean people.

Obama, in a letter to Congress, also named three other kingpins now subject to sanctions: Haji Agha Jan Alizai and Haji Bando of Afghanistan, and Sergio Enrique Villarreal Barragan of Mexico.

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