Guinea Releases Voters’ Roll Ahead of June 27 Election

Guinea releases voters’ roll
News – Africa news
Conakry, Guinea – Guinea’s National Independent Election Commission (CENI) said on Monday that 4,224,272 voters have registered for the country’s 27 June presidential election,.

It said the region of Conakry recorded the highest number of 927,701 people, or 21.96% of the electorate.

The second locality of the seven administrative regions of the country is N’Zér ékoré (South) with 634,375 people, or 15.02% of the electorate.

The region of Kankan (High Guinea) recorded 585,972 people, or 13.87%, followed by Kindia (Lower Guinea) with 545,133 people, or 12.90% of the electorate.

The region of Boké (Lower Guinea) recorded 396,778 people, or 9.39% of the electorate, while Labé (Middle Guinea) had 378,951 people, or 8.97% of the electorate.

The locality of Mamou (Middle Guinea) recorded 354,187 people, while Faranah had a total of 348,092 voters.

The list of voters in the Diaspora recorded 53,083 people, or 1.26%.

Conakry – Pana 11/05/2010


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