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Belgian Military Training Gulf of Guinea States To Boost Maritime Security – Involves US, France and Great Britain

March 4, 2010

Security of Gulf of Guinea on agenda of a military training in Cameroon

APA – Douala (Cameroon) Belgian military instructors are currently holding vocational training in Douala with the participation of African countries including Democratic Republic of Congo in order to secure and stabilize the Gulf of Guinea in the framework of the Africa Partnership Station (APS) operation in which other countries like the United States, France and Great Britain are taking part.

The three-day training will allow participants to absorb the techniques to combat maritime piracy and to transmit to their compatriots what they have learnt.

“The ultimate goal is to enable them in the future, to be able to combat piracy, human trafficking, drug trafficking and fraudulent fishing”, Captain Jan Dujardin commander of the Belgian warship GODETIA said.

In addition to training typically related to the fight against piracy, the APS mission also put emphasis on the transport of humanitarian goods, individual training and maintenance of public relations.

The APS mission which the United States is the driving force is aimed at boosting maritime security.

After Morocco and The Gambia, Cameroon is the third stage of this training operation to secure the Gulf of Guinea, the next step to be the Congo, then, DRC, Benin, Senegal, and Morocco before returning to Belgium in early April via Portugal.

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