DORE Interview: “I Will Work with Military”

Guinea – exclusive Jean-Marie Doré interview

I will work with military, says interim PM

RFI-Article published on the 2010-01-21 Latest update 2010-01-21 15:01 TU

Jean-Marie Doré(Photo: AFP)Jean-Marie Doré
(Photo: AFP)
Jean-Marie Doré, who has been named interim Prime Minister of Guinea, tells RFI that he is ready to work with the members of the military junta in order to form a government. Although he has been a persistent critic of the ruling National Council for Democracy and Development (CNDD), he praises current leader Sékouba Konaté.

“A military regime is one thing; the intrinsic value of each officer is another. Sékouba Konaté is an officer of valour,” Doré told RFI, referring to the interim President, who took over after junta leader Captain Moussa Dadis Camara was wounded in an assassination attempt.

“I do not think the issue of rejecting the military can be applied generally to Sékouba Konaté.”

He praises Konaté for going above and beyond what was asked of him to “lift Guinea out of its ruins and its descent into hell”.

Doré was named interim Prime Minister after an agreement brokered by Burkina Fasso in which the ruling junta agreed to elections in six months.

He would not comment on the make-up of his government, which according to Konaté spokesperson Idriss Cherif will consist of 30 people, with ten from the CNDD, ten from the opposition and ten from the four regions of Guinea.

Doré says he is not aware of how the positions would be divided, nor does he know who will get what portfolios.

The post of Prime Minister does not exist in the Guinean constitution, and Doré’s position is not secure.

“We are in a transition period, which means we have to invent everything as we go along,” he says, adding that whatever is decided will be included in the constitution.

Part of the agreement stipulates that no member of the military government can run for President, though it is not clear what would happen if a junta member resigned from the military before running.

Doré would not comment on whether a former member of the CNDD should be allowed to run or not, nor would he say whether or not he himself would run.


One thought on “DORE Interview: “I Will Work with Military”

  1. Ollaid

    Yes! I agree, from now on the enemy is not the General Konaté as long as he keeps his pledge but Pivi that needs to be disarmed: how and by whom? However, let’s appreciate the ‘’Forces vives’’ declaration stating they do not feel concerned by the Ouaga agreement: to them, it is a matter for the CNDD and Campaoré (they could not care less). They want to re-negotiate everything and the details in Conakry. After failing to agree on one name for the PM’s nomination, they are getting much better at tackling the crisis, our way and not Campaoré’s bias ruling. Blaise Campaoré thinks that he owns Guinea too. There are far too many dictators still in power in Africa! What a shame!

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